We heard your requests – and we’re happy to announce you can now purchase unwatermarked high resolution images and prints from this year’s 2018 Junior National Big Blue Championships!

Our resized web images are 900 pixels wide / print size 12.5 inches / 362 kilobytes

Full resolution images are sized around 5,760 pixels wide / print size 70 inches / 10 megabytes.

Some images may be a bit smaller as we need to crop certain images.

Digital downloads are only 99 cents and all proceeds go directly to the Inner City Handball Association.

Any purchased prints or digital downloads will not have a watermark.  This option will be available until October 1st. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out!

To visit our online shop go to: https://innercityhandballassociation.shootproof.com/gallery/7306159

Thanks for your support.
Paul Williams

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